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Infinity Wanderers is a new magazine publication, aiming at being half alternate history and associated genres, and half real history, with travel and biography. In addition it supports an element of poetry, art, and review.

It has permanent columns, 'Small Causes' by L G Parker, and 'Family History Short', a genealogy feature.

Issue 1 was published in April 2022, and a quarterly publication schedule established. Issue 2 was published in July 2022, and Issue 3 was published in October 2022. Issue 4, the Christmas and New Year Special, will be published in December 2022.

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Infinity Wanderers cover art by Violett Dragonlady

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Grey Wolf - Editor

Grey Wolf is the editor of Infinity Wanderers magazine. Below are a link to a couple of his novels, published by Scimitar Edge.

Infinity Wanderers
The Shifting Sands

The Shifting Sands
by Grey Wolf

Alternate History
Featuring a cover by Robin Stacey, The Shifting Sands is a globe-covering alternate history novel set in the aftermath of a world war against the combined might of the German and British empires. How will Lord Wolfe navigate the twists and turns of fate? Once the darling of the old British emperor in his role as Governor of the vast South African dominions, he finds himself shunned by the new monarch in London, relying on his Spanish connections for attendance at the peace conference. Together with his daughter Carlotta, Wolfe must adapt to a new reality, one that takes him home to Britain where his wealth might buy him land and house, but can it ever work to restore his lost influence in the affairs of men?

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Time of The Darkness

Time of The Darkness
by Grey Wolf

Alternate History & Science Fiction
In an alternate history, decolonisation of the Americas follows a vastly different timeline, and the British royal family remains pre-eminent in world affairs. Competing with a Bonaparte Byzantium and a French Empire under the Murats, the Saxe-Coburg British fight on an equal footing for recognition and influence. Follow 1400 years of history, from an alternate 1900 to the galactic empire of 3300AD where humanity inadvertently reawakens a terror that the elder races believed long dead.

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